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Claus Kenberg, CCO & CDIO, Saxo.com

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Since our humble beginnings in Denmark in 2008, Inspari has grown into a strong, international business intelligence consultancy with over 110 BI consultants who live, eat, and breathe data. We now have locations in Norway, Romania and Denmark. We believe in long-term relationships based on trust, responsibility and a commitment to quality. We try and see eye-to-eye with our customers – as equal partners – and focus our attention on their specific business opportunities. Opportunities that we help them realise.

Over the years, we have developed effective methods and best practice skills when it comes to business intelligence solutions for sectors including, e.g,. the legal profession, retail, brand management, and industrial/manufacturing. At the same time, we have managed to remain agile so we can work quickly, effectively and passionately – and always with an optimistic, “can-do” attitude.

The courage and will-to-succeed of our over 400 active customers, who use data to chart their past, diagnose their current situation and forecast the future, are the main building blocks of our business. And naturally, we are proud to be a part of their continued success.

the final showdown
with gut feeling

Data, big data, business intelligence, performance management, IoT, advanced analytics. Just ignore these fancy words for a moment and ask yourself:

Does data put you and your co-workers in position to make the right decision in any mission-critical situation? 

With Inspari as your business partner, the answer is a resounding “Yes”.

We help our customers transform data into knowledge – and knowledge into value – through the intelligent use of data. We’re proud that our customers on the whole have been able to do away with off-the-cuff decisions made purely on gut instinct and instead base their decisions on real knowledge and insight.


"deeper and broader insight into market and customer data has allowed us to fulfil our goal of getting closer to the action both with respect to the market and our customers."

Peter Mejlby, Director, Delacour

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