data warehousing
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Far too many meetings begin with the attendees needing to decide first who has the most up-to-date and thus most correct (you hope) figures. A comprehensive BI platform makes a difference for all of your employees day in and day out since every single analysis from HR to production to finance is based on data from the same platform. The business is therefore able to “speak in one tongue” as opposed to being a veritable Tower of Babel.

In a nutshell, reliable figures lead to fewer debates, more time for analysis and proper decisions made on the basis of hard data as opposed to gut feeling. 

the benefits of
a common BI platform

“Our BI solution works fine without a data warehouse” – That may be true for some organisations, but the difference between a BI solution with a data warehouse and one without can be huge.

  • Automated business rules provide reliable figures. 
  • Reliable figures lead to less debate and more time for analysis. 
  • A common lingua franca in the organisation helps show the big picture while still providing access to important details.
  • An overview that harvests data from all sources allows you to connect the dots between cause and effect. 
  • Instant reporting. Simple to use.

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With this guide you'll get:

  • Five top tips on getting started
  • Use cases & inspiration from other companies
  • a wiki - what the terms mean

maintenance of 
master data

A data warehouse is only as strong as the data basis it is built on. We have years of experience building data warehouses and extracting data from a variety of data sources. You get the full benefit of this knowledge and experience when you use the Inspari ETL Toolkit – a framework that provides you with robust, reliable data and business processes harvested from multiple sources.

The Inspari ETL Toolkit is intended for power users who need to process master data, business processes and more based on the ETL principles of extracting, transforming and loading.
Through best in practice software design, we collect data from different source systems, transform that data to knowledge and store it in a data warehouse. All this data is now at your beck and call, adding value throughout your organisation.




What you get with the Inspari ETL Toolkit:

  • Quality-controlled business intelligence based on ETL best practices
  • Effective development based on proven templates
  • Smooth transfers between developers due to uniform components
  • Efficient, professional support thanks to stable, uniform solutions
  • The ability to scale the BI solution as your organisation grows

BI consultants
with passion 

for your business

Our data consultants are eager to lay the foundation for your business to make it even more data-driven. This requires an intense collaboration based on a common understanding of the environment and mutual trust and respect.

For some customers, we are hands-on consultants for both existing solutions and new projects while for others we act as a sounding board, offering candid, unbiased advice on their current solutions. Either way, our participation is always centred around a productive long-term partnership with our clients.

  • Identify business processes and data flows throughout the organisation.
  • Build a data warehouse based on a robust, tried and true framework.
  • Add value to your business every step of the way in your projects.

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