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Claus Kenberg, CCO & CDIO, Saxo.com

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"deeper and broader insight into market and customer data has allowed us to fulfil our goal of getting closer to the action both with respect to the market and our customers."

Peter Mejlby, Director, Delacour

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business intelligence
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The stronger your decision-making basis, the better the decisions you will be able to make. That is why we help people to achieve the ultimate purpose of business intelligence, namely making better decisions.

BI in your organisation
BI is not One Size Fits All. In some companies business intelligence is part of everyday life for both employees and management across the organisation. In other companies BI is a tool for reporting and analysis that is reserved for top management. In a few companies BI is not a part of the decision-making basis at all. Regardless of the role business intelligence plays in your organisation, we can help. 

  • We help companies get started with business intelligence.
  • We rethink BI solutions in need of a new perspective.
  • We challenge those with the best data skills to become even better.

What can we do for you?

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Use data intelligently 
...to make better business decisions. With the right BI tool you can explore your big data in order to find patterns and contexts. You can thus gain insight into what matters for your business, whether it’s matching customers and goods, predicting cancelled subscriptions or optimising the production line.

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Are you working on the basis of a single truth?
Collect data from the company’s sources in one place before starting on the important analyses. Microsoft SQL Server is used by many companies to handle various types of databases. We at Inspari are specialists in using and optimising Microsoft SQL Server, as well as building up data warehouses both big and small.

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what is
business intelligence?

Data is of no value per se. Business intelligence is about providing people with data from various data sources, enabling them to make better decisions based on information – not a gut reaction. In the following we will be giving you a round trip of the fundamental principles of business intelligence.

The purpose of business intelligence
The ultimate purpose of business intelligence is to make better decisions – using insight to do things better in future than you do now. Whether it’s a matter of improving performance, controlling growth or reducing costs, business intelligence is your tool for gaining insight and steering your company in the right direction.

Modern business intelligence
With modern business intelligence, you can safely close the ‘report factory’. There’s no need to create ‘pyjama reports’ in PDF (you know the sort of thing: endless rows in blue and white) or send vast quantities of Excel documents around the organisation without knowing who actually has the most recently updated version. Because there are strong BI tools that are far more secure and, not least, user-friendly, e.g. Qlik, Tableau and Power BI. With modern BI tools you use dashboards that guide you around data, so you can create easily decipherable visualisations and even delve deeper into the data to find answers – provided you have a good understanding of data. Try out the various BI tools

how to create value
with data

Business intelligence allows you to share data across organisations and ensure the knowledge gets to the right employees. BI at the same time allows external sharing of data. This means, for example, that the knowledge created by the Finance department also provides value in the Production department, or that Marketing and Logistics can benefit from each other’s knowledge and results. You can also share data with external stakeholders, giving your customers insight into case management or sales results. The most important thing is that the recipients translate the new knowledge into genuine business value by making better decisions.

AI and machine learning
It’s one thing knowing the history and the current situation, but it’s quite another matter knowing why the situation is the way it is and what it will be tomorrow. AI and machine learning come into the picture here as a powerful tool for being at the forefront – in terms both of your own situation and as regards being ahead of your competitors. You can be inspired right here. Get ready for tomorrow’s BI – which, incidentally, is already here.

How to be successful with BI
If you are tempted to read more about business intelligence, we recommend you download the guide to success with BI. It contains 5 concrete pieces of advice on what to do when you want to take your data to the next level – and make even better decisions. Download Success with BI.

find answers
in data with BI

Here you can see some concrete examples of answers you’ll find through business intelligence.

You can continue with the questions you would like answers to.

  • Sales performance: Are we achieving our sales budgets? And can we even find the answers as regards where we are perhaps not achieving our goal?
  • Time performance: What is our billing rate like? Can we better utilise our resources across skills? And what is the situation as regards the average hourly rate for individuals and at divisional level?
  • Financial performance: How efficient are we in the finance department? How are things developing as regards our financial key ratios? How should we work to achieve better earnings?
  • Sales performance: What is our average processing time and how can we improve it? How do we ensure quality whilst simultaneously becoming more efficient?
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