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Could you work in the “high octane” field that combines IT with business and
create added value for our ambitious clients?

If you are a business intelligence, IT, or economics graduate or have a degree in another subject and dream of becoming a consultant, then start your career as a graduate at Inspari. We run the graduate course – you have what it takes. This is your chance – grab it now!


graduate programme
at inspari

At Inspari, we work with business intelligence – commonly referred to as BI. In other words we help companies make better decisions and create added-value by actively using data. As an Inspari graduate, you will become a member of a strong team of skilled colleagues who work together using BI at a number of exciting companies.

During the course of 12 months, you will work through an educational programme that includes independent assignments and client projects. This will give you the qualifications you need to work as a business intelligence consultant and will also allow you to develop your own profile based on the theoretical background you bring with you.

Professional skills are one thing, personal development is another and is something that is just as important in your life as a consultant. You will work closely with people across the whole organisation – with a variety of professional qualifications and skills – and that is why we focus heavily on your own personal development. Among other things, you will receive training in personal profiling and other tools that can strengthen your interpersonal skills and give you what you need to become a trusted consultant for our clients.

prepare you

from top to toe  

Some of the courses and tools you could work with during your graduate programme - according to your profile: 

  • Microsoft Power BI, Tableau and Qlik
  • Kimball Dimension Modelling and Data Warehouse on
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Business analysis and requirement specifications, including conceptual modelling
  • Education and training in Insights Discovery Profiles
  • Presentation and communication techniques.

the learning curve is steep,
the ambition level is high



Your learning curve will be steep – especially in the beginning – and you´ll be sent out to clients right from the start. We know that the experience you gain in business intelligence out there in the real world is an important factor in turning you into one of the best there is.

Therefore, you will train your BI and consultancy skills both in the office and with our clients.


started from

the bottom
now we're here

ife as a graduate is not the bottom rung. It is merely the start of your career. Take a look at Henrik, Morten, Sarah and Martin. They are all competent BI consultants with different profiles, located in different parts of our organisation. What they all have in common is that they all started as Inspari graduates. They are just a few examples of the more than 30 graduates who have completed our graduate programme. And we have room for you, too. 






get to know us
in front of and behind the scenes

Let us show you the wonderful, hectic, enriching and challenging world we work in every day. We look forward to ”tagging” you in our next success.

we would
love to meet you


We attend a number of different educational trade fairs throughout the year, in the hope of meeting someone like you. We don't expect you to know everything about our world before you start. But we do expect you to be ambitious enough to want to be among the very best, and to have the determination to make it happen.




  • Career Fair, CBS (Copenhagen Business School)
  • Company Dating, Aarhus BSS (Aarhus School of Business and Social Sciences)

where and when,
and it comes highly recommended

Ours is a paid graduate programme, and it begins on the 1st March and 1st September every year. You apply either at our office in Lystrup near Århus or at our office in Kgs. Lyngby, but you can look forward to spending a good deal of your normal workday with one of our clients at the other end of the country.

Several of our former graduates started as student workers – either with us or at another relevant workplace. In this way, they have already gained a considerable amount of knowledge and work experience before they start on the graduate programme and thus have been able to add a study-related job to their CV. And we highly recommend that you consider doing the same.

business intelligence jobs
using big data, figures & analytics


Uffe graduated with an MSc in Economics and Management, Sarah with an MSc in Information Technology (IT, Communication and Organisation, Jeppe with an MSc in Economics & Business Administration (BI), and René with an MSc in Economics & Business Administration – International Marketing & Management. What they all have in common is a strong educational background, a high level of ambition, and fantastic interpersonal skills. Do you have what it takes to be one of the market's most talented business intelligence consultants?

business intelligence
salaries & good
employee benefits 


Salary is negotiated individually based on qualifications and experience. Your salary is only part of the total remuneration package, which, of course, also includes health insurance, certification and courses. Naturally, we throw in other nice-to-have goodies such as fresh fruit and snacks, hot & cold beverages, and other sweeteners that add to your enjoyment of the already pretty super workday at Inspari.

a BI job is not
for those who
stand on the sidelines


We may as well warn you from the start: You´ll be sucked in by the great atmosphere. The determination and passionate desire to deliver quality and added value to our clients radiates from all of our consultants. And we expect the same of you. But we also realize that there has to be room for family, too, as well as work. Therefore, we always strive to ensure that a balance is found so that each complements the other in harmony.

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